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One of the biggest roadblocks for myself was always having to go into the admin area of my site to create a post. It might not seem like much but for someone who spends their entire day in the WordPress dashboard the last thing I want to do is log back in to my own site and get creative.

Personaly if nothing else, having the editor once removed from the core WordPress platform seriously helps me focus. If I’m in the admin area there are a hundred other things that I know I could also do instead of actually writing. I’m sure for most bloger it’s the other way around, happy to leave all those plugin updates and error messages for years (seriously somtimes when I first access a clients site I can spend an hours on the housekeeping alone) but for me these need to be dealt with pronto. And their in lies the issue with all of these distractions I rarely enjoy the writing process, even if I do I’ll put off publising an article because I have to ‘just sort xyz out first’.

Okay I can hear you screaming ‘why not draft it out in Evernote and paste it into the WP editor when you are finished? This has rarely worked I must have a hundred or so unfinished articles sat in a junk folder in Evernote. The disconect always gets the better of me and I’ll move on without publishing. I’ve tried several third party Evernote connections but they never feel fully functional and they normally required an additional login to the WordPress admin before finally posting an article just to double check that it all looked correct.

I’m at a loss why Evernote never made the logical connection of allowing blog access direct from their app even if it was a premium feature. Their loss, Blogo’s gain! Installation and setup are a breeze, download from the appstore and connect to you WordPress site by logging in with your regular username and password. Within a few seconds all posts and to my supprise pages were instantly available for editing.

Let’s see how robust ‘Blogo’ really is.

First up it’s OSX and iOS only but that sits well with me and it’s nice to finally have a decent editor for both my iPhone and iPad, lets be honest WordPress have really slacked on the whole mobile experience.

Blogo – Feels like Evernote, makes blogging painless

First up: Text

Inception Blogo heading styles

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